0df972e414b4759ee7d1c7d6e6c912e8The cloddish sound of the buffet door,brings you in my thoughts.

Do not miss you

Coffee aerosol brings your silhouette.

Do not miss you

You dance,you smiles,you walk around.

Do not miss you

There is a our table,narrates some story,but not ours now.

Vice one i order two coffees.

One for you and one for me.

Do not miss you

Oh no,i don’t miss you.

I love you



17 thoughts on “Do not miss you

      1. No one who wasn’t there or anyone who didn’t help you bury them can call them irrational. I just hope you will learn to live and not resent them, at some point. It doesn’t have to be soon, deeper wounds need more time 🙂

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