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Like “running over a butterfly with an SUV” is how Ann Patchett describes the experience of putting her novels into writing.

Yep. It’s a superpower, I reckon. Not just the novel writing. More the daring to express yourself creatively at all.

How dare we gaze at Renoir or Monet, read Anne Tyler or Emily Dickinson – and then pick up a paintbrush or pen?

Surely its sheer courage to attempt to write or draw what shimmered so sharply in your mind’s eye.

Surely it takes a wilful act of self-compassion to create for pure joy, not knowing whether you or anyone else will enjoy the final work.

And surely takes creative courage to contribute your words or imagery or voice somewhere, gently trusting that it will spark something positive in someone else’s life.

To sit down at a blank page wth a pen or pastel in hand, to clip a microphone…

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