I walked the mountains.

I walked the deserts.

I  walked the valleys.

I  swam the waters.

I flew across the sky.

To find the shine of your heart.

So thay said ”Ask!”

I asked the stars.

I asked the moon.

I asked the sun.

I asked the wind.

I asked the rain.

So thay said ”Ask your heart.”

So i asked my heart.

But there  was nothing but your love.

And it was shining.

The mountains  bowed.

The deserts changed shape.

The valleys flourished.

The waters  changed color.

The sky opened.

The stars were laughing.

The moon was dancing.

The sun get ashamed.

The wind calmed.

It was raining that night whan you said

”I love you.”

And i said

” Let it shine,that heart of yours.I love you to.”



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