Have fun

It was an ordinary morning.Cold wind was playing in the trees.It was raining.People were in a hurry to get away of the flooded streets.

But this situation is not halted her,to stay home,and watch from the window the life that was happening there and then in real existence.

She took umbrella and went to hers heart shelter.

She couldn’t resist to one more book.

Book girl, that’s how  called her the sweeper in a nearby library.

But when she got there she was shocked by the sight.Shelves were empty.The space exuded emptiness.Had no heart,had no spirit,had no soul.

She almost collapsed.

She felt nothing but emptiness.

Went to the table,where she was geting in an another world by every single book.

The sweeper approached and gave her an letter.

”Love to you Book girl.”He said and left.

Hers hands  were shaking while she opened the envelope.

There was a key and one sentence.

”Have fun.”

The library door opened and the delivery came.

^Books and more books^


Dedicated to piratepatty


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