The prince was invited to the ball dedicated to the anniversary of the universe’s  creation.

Cinderella was waiting for the prince to bring her a ring and ask her to marry him.

He promised to arrive on time.

But the prince  couldn’t find the Alchemist which supossed to affiliate an diamond into the ring that will shine brighter than the stars on the sky.

In the magic forest,beyond reality an young boy dreamed of his princess.Too tired to continue his journey,he let the time to take its course.

”Wake up,wake up!”

The prince woke up the young boy, in the hope that he is the Alchemist,who should shape the diamond for Cinderella’s ring.

In ragged clothes,resembled more to a beggar,than whilom prince,he was last hope for the prince,to accomplish his promise.

”Are you the Alchemist?”

With hope in his voice,the prince asked.

”No,i’m not the Alchemist,he told me,that he will be at an cursed castle, and that will wake me up the carrier of the keys,i need to unlock the door,then he will tell me where is my princess.Are you the guardian of the keys?”

”No,i am not the guardian of the keys, sadly answered the prince.”

And headed to the castle.

Cinderella’s tear fell on the shining floor.

The prince arrived late and the door of the castle were closed for thousand nights.

Prince was cursed,until he get diamond that will shine brighter than the stars,the door will stay closed.

The time was stalled and the prince didn’t grow old.

The prince traveled a thousand days and a thousand nights.

One night humble and sad he got to the front of the castle,left the ring at the doorstep and fell asleep.

His tear fell on the ground.

In his sleep one star fall and get on the place of the diamond.

The ball lasted for a thousand and one night.

The prince’s and Cinderella happiness lasted forever.




29 thoughts on “Cinderella

  1. Cinderella is always such an interesting story and concept. Guys especially love the idea of “finding” Cinderella although the concept of a Prince Charming is powerful and ingrained in the female mind also. I love the fact that guys looking for Cinderella never quite grasp the fact that they are no Prince Charming! Great Post.

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    1. Oh wow! This is an amazing insight. I never really looked at it from the perspective of the prince. We, girls, probably forget that despite being the one desired and the one looking, he also just wants to find his princess. Fantastic!

      Creative World, I hope you don’t mind me hijacking your Comments section briefly. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you.

      The Reluctant Poet, If you write, what about writing from this perspective for our Cinderella Anthology Project? We still have this whole month to receive/gather and compile.
      Here is the link to the invitation:

      Thank you.

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  2. Hi creativeworldm! We are asking the submitters for our Cinderella challenge to provide an email address for exchanging files, etc., in preparation for the next step of the project. At your convenience, please you send your preferred email address to “theresa.barker at”. We will be in touch in a few days with more information on the project. Thanks! – Theresa and Anne J.

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