”No sister i won’t apologise.”

”You will and you’ll be grateful for this opportunity to have one more friend.”

”But he is not my friend.”

”He will be,now go and apologize.”

”Okay i’ll go now,but whan i get back i want you to tell me one story from that book that you’re reading.”

Smiled and went to meet his new friend.

Old man was sitting on the dock and was fishing.

”I’m sorry sir yesterday you wanted to teach me to fish,i told you that i don’t have time.”

The old man smiled and gave him bait and hook.

After talking,fishing,a lot of smiling and a couple of stories,the old man now wasn’t anymore just an old man he was a friend.

Overwhelmed by joy he went to his sister.

On his way in front of a nearby bakery he saw  a pair of sneakers.

Took them and gave them to the owner of the bakery.

”Someone left these,give them to someone who has nothing.”

When get home he hugged his sister and said

”I’m so rich.”

to not be continued



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