”Warm,calm morning was the time when you was born.

Mild wind was playing on the lake.Surrounded by peaceful wilderness it was most peaceful place for the upcoming magic.Group of your ancestors were boasted their wings in theirs flights above the lake.Days before you were born, a storm blew the nest and took your brothers and sisters.

The water carried you  to the shore.

I was so sad, but i was waiting for you, that was giving me strength.My heart was heavy pounding.My expectance to see your beauty was taking away the sadness.The bark was already cracked.You stretched your yellow gold wing to the world.Other swans gathered around you.

It is gold,it is gold,yelled with joy.

You was born yellow as beautiful duck.

The oldest ancestor once upon a time ^ugly duck^,called you Goldy.

You looked at me,and recognized me as your mother,i’ll never forget that look.

I love you Goldy.”

”I love you to mother,i love you to.”




5 thoughts on “Goldy

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