He couldn’t do anything to make his wife to feel better.

The day wasn’t an ordinary day.Wasn’t even Monday.

It was day of sadness.Yes,the sadness had its own day in the life of this couple.

’’Dear i’ll be home by the end of the day.’’


She answered silently,with a old jacket in her hands,stayed to sit and watch through the window,from which could see the path that was leading to home.

She cried,as every year on this day.

As owner of a bakery without any employees,couldn’t afford to late.

 He took his coat and left to the bakery.

Costumers,at least those ones who knew  the life story of this middle aged baker,knew to,that can’t expect  from him smile and indifference on this day.

A barefooted child came in his bakery,bought an bread and gave him a pair if sneakers.

”Why are you giving me these sneakers?”

The child answered

”Someone left these in front of your bakery sir,give them to someone who has anything.”

As in every other child in this one to,he saw his missing son.

Years of hope and tears for his missing son,changed this once upon a time happy and graceful man.

All that left was a crevice structure.

The owner of the sneakers came later in tears,crying out loud.

The barefooted child didn’t accept his sneakers as gift.

The baker started to cry to and told him that the child gave those to him,and what the child told him.

The day was on his end.

The baker had no strength to go straight home.He took the route to the lake where his good old friend was fishing .

After friendly chat,left home.He was carrying an pair of sneakers in his hands.



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