”Can you join me in the cafe,where we usually meet?”

His hands were shaking during the call.

”Of course my friend,i wanted to call you to.I am on my way,meet you there.”

With joy in his voice,hung up.

Anxiety, uncertainty, fear pervaded this young man.His friend obviously had some good news to share,unlike him.

Wide smile and cheerfulness in the eyes of his friend were more than welcome,more than happiness.

He gently smiled and joined his friend on coffee chat.Good news were that he got job and that his girlfriend accepted his proposal to marry him.His sadness was hanging in the air,as the reason from which he called his closest friend.

Couldn’t share anything,couldn’t spoil friend’s happy day.

”I am so happy for you,we need celebrate this”.

Hiding his emotions,he was there for his friend.

After a friendly chat, rejoicing for his friend,this young boy went to his empty apartment.Enough for a single person, tidy and comfortable but exuded emptiness.

Friend’s mood could not dispel his burden,the dream that filled his being by confusion,expectations,possibility.

He woke up with the dream different this time.

Usually he dreamed a man’s silhouette,walking beside him,never talked to him,the presence of the man in his dreams,always was puzzled him.

Last night he asked him das he need some pair of sneakers.The man’s voice was deep,sad.

He resisted to share with his friend,those feelings that overwhelmed him.


^to not be continued^




6 thoughts on “A pair of sneakersđź’™

  1. This story reminded me of the fact that I need some new sneakers, weight training shoes to be exact and new workout clothes because my tights are permanently smelly. Anyway, just another need I’m releasing to the Universe to be taken care of. I enjoyed the read and the blue heart.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved this line – “Wide smile and cheerfulness in the eyes of his friend were more than welcome,more than happiness.” You captured the emotions so well!! I surely can identify with that feeling. I guess that’s what makes coming home so special – because that feeling is always there – I’m lucky, really lucky!

    Liked by 1 person

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