…..Mehmed went to bring his father out of the hospital.That was his day off.

His father fought with malignant brain tumor.The surgeon has performed many tests and inspections to remove the tumor without damaging the brain tissue.

Month already in hospital,there were no some specific news from the surgeon.

Omer was paralyzed,his eyesight has already started to weaken.But his heart saw and felt the sadness in his son’s voice.

”Every Saturday you are taking me home,probably i won’t live much longer.Tell me the news son, no matter what.”

”You’ll be well father.”

With his mother on one side,full of hope that her husband will pull through,and that her brother is alive.With his father on the other side,doctors already were assessing how much life is left.Mehmed couldn’t share the news with his mother.He was becoming sadder every day.

”Son are you okay?”

”I’m fine father,why are you asking me that?”

”You seem absently,anxiously.”

Mehmed decided to share the story about the letter and the condition in which was his mother.On their way to home he prepared his father for the emotion that will overwhelm him.

”Maybe my uncle is really here father.”

”Maybe my son,maybe.”……



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