Last night i didn’t fall asleep.

I went to meet ^me^.

I arrived in front of the closed doors.

My heart was heavy pounding,the heartbeat echoed through eternity in long time ago derelict landscape.

My hands were shaking while i was opening the door.

I was stunned by the view.

Cozy room fulfilled by nostalgy and forgotten scent of the time and space.

There was no furniture,only an blurred window with view to somewhere.

^Me^was sitting in the corner of the room,it was playing with soft toys.

”Welcome.”Said ^me^

”I was waiting for you.”

^Me^was smiling.

It was most beautiful smile in whole world.

I couldn’t say a word.I was extremely overwhelmed by unexplainable joy.

”You look beautiful,i imagined you.”

I stood in the middle of the room, couldn’t even to make a step.

”Why you left me here?”

I couldn’t answer.

”One day you made some decisions and left me with these soft toys behind those door.All this time while i was waiting for you,i was hoping that you’ll share the world with me.And here you are.”

I had so much to share.

”Come let’s play.”

It was magical.

We played, laughed, talked for hours.

^Me^ was same,i was changed.


Inspired by  the book

”Developmental psychology”



12 thoughts on “Journey

  1. Very interesting and introspective! Funny how we compartmentalize parts of ourselves. It’s a great experience to get back to our real selves even if time has changed us we can still reconnect. Loved the line – “^Me^ was same,i was changed.”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow!! So there is still hope to reconnect with the child in us…
    I loved the lines “forgotten scent of the time and space” and There was no furniture,only an blurred window with view to somewhere”. Paints a beautiful picture.

    Liked by 1 person

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