”Honey you got one pair of sneakers for your birthday,and you don’t even wear those,why you want to buy another!?”

”Mother┬áof all the girls in my class wear fancy shoes,and you bought me those ugly sneakers,i won’t wear those.”

The mother could not afford to buy any other shoes .She herself wore old shoes repaired on several occasions.

But her maternal love relented once again.

On her way to a shoe store,little girl with very little understanding of the situation in which was her single mother, and with a strong wish for shoes same as those that wear her best friend at school,she was delighted.

Passing by a nearby bakery,boy’s crying turned her attention.She┬ájoined the crowd that had already gathered around the boy.

The childish curiosity changed her,she grew up at that moment.The sight was too much of an emotional.

The baker comforted the boy and cried to.

”Son,i’m sure if he knew that the sneakers were your present for him,he would took those,please don’t cry.”

She couldn’t even to cry.

The boy’s sadness and the reason that he was crying overwhelmed her.

”This is not a day for new sneakers.”

Whispered and went home




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