”As usual my friend?”

”As usual.”

The bartender served his friend and brother in law,bringing him cup of coffee.

Pale face,blank stare and cold smile were unusual on face on an future father.

The bartender was going to ask what’s wrong,but one scream and child’s crying that were coming from the street drew away his attention.

An customer entered the cafe.

People in the cafe began to discuss about it,some get out and joined the crowd that was gathered around the kid,some stayed and listened the story from the customer who interrupt the not begun conversation of the bartender and his brother in law.

The sugar in the coffee was slowly melting,the coffee was getting colder and colder.

Young man in his middle thirties was staring in the window a front of him,like he was waiting for someone.

The bartender couldn’t turn his sight off him,while he was listening the customer how stupid is that child’s crying in some disgusting tone.

The noise in the coffee shop was muted,the sound were hebetate.

In his mind over and over again he listened her last words.

”I love you forever.”

He took off his sneakers,from the pocket of his jacket pulled out a small baby shoes an left those beside the table.

Barefooted left the cafe.

But didn’t stay lukewarm on some child tears even he will never hear his baby cry.

All was left was the last words of his beloved.

”I love you forever.”




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