Old shepherd,housefather,father,husband,son and brother for years cared of his family.The life was beautiful and peaceful until the day when his sons decided to leave the cold mountain.

He stayed alone with his wife and youngest daughter.

Upcoming year were difficult for his wife and daughter to.All the weight of the mountain life,was more painful every day.The sadness of their guardian touched their hearts to.

He wasn’t anymore once¬†upon a time happy,full of life man.

But the beauty of his care on his family and the sheeps stayed same.

The short chats with his wife and his daughter on the morning tea time and breakfast,still were fulfilled with gentleness.

Taking care of the house was on the shoulders of his wife and daughter,which by every day was becoming an mountain beauty.He respected the investment effort of his two beauties in maintaining cleanliness at home.He was receiving in the return immeasurable love.

His herd has never stayed hungry or¬†thirsty.The stable was¬†immaculate¬†clean.He took care not to be cold to his herd,always bringing up new and clean¬†thatch for¬†floorcloth.He never sharpened a knife¬†in front of the lambs¬†to don’t afraid them of their¬†sacrifice.

And the herd loved him.

One day he had to sell his flock.All that was left was one horse tillage,one sheep for milking,some poultry and an old dog which for years looked after his flock from intruders.

But he must to keep caring for his family,so he struggled to stay strong.

His wife couldn’t¬†to lessen his¬†sadness,but¬†neither she nor their daughter did not feel less loved.

”I’ll take a walk to the¬†grassland.”

That wasn’t surprising to his beloved.He went there so often since sold the flock.

Strange was his smile when he returned,and walking next to him the oldest ram of their flock.

”Oh no my love,this old cuckold is not lost,he came back home.”

Shepherd’s happiness was immeasurable,it was covering¬†the mountainous area and beyond.




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