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Club Lookea Wind Rose

Club Lookea Wind Rose



Get inspired to travel,to explore,to love the world and to change the world.By your love,by your creativity,by your soul and heart.

Love đź’ž

The inspiration is all around usđź’ž

My love

My love

In my dreams you entered an harmony

A perfect calmness

My heart is so peaceful in your presence

In my dreams my love

I miss you so much

The wholeness of my soul is incomplete without you in my dreams my love

I feel safe when you are in my dreams my love

I’ll forgive you your kindness

But i wont forgive you your absence

in my dreams my love

Maybe that is selfish of me

So what

I’ll be selfish every time when i dream

needing you in my dreams

As  part of my soul

Never let me to dream alone my love

My soul needs you

My heart needs you

The cruelty of the world is defeated by your presence in my dreams my love

In my dreams i am complete

without you i am incomplete my love

I love you

Be mine

Be mine

”With drops of gentleness i’ll color the curtains on your heart.”

”To protect it from pain?!”

”No,my dear.To separate it from cruelty.”

”With meekness i’ll weave stars on the curtains on your heart.”

”To make it shine?!”

”No,my dear.To make, the darkness to get ashamed.”

”Are you leaving me?!”

”Yes my dear.I spin strings from my tears to weave curtains on your heart.”

”Where are you going ?!”

”I am going to be in your heart.”

”Do you love me?!”

”No my dear .I just spin strings from my vulnerability to weave curtains on your heart.”

”I love you,you are already in my heart.”

”Okay, now i will pull the curtains.

Will you marry me?!”



Love you miraculously

Love you miraculously

On the sky

in the deepest loneliness

Let’s meet on hidden star

I’ll bring your heart

It is still in my ownership

You bring my own

It is still lives from your love

The shine of it is spreaded thru entire universe

Let’s meet on hidden star

I need your love

As you need mine

To feel alive

Let’s meet on hidden star

To show its beauty

To show its shyness

To feel and embrace

the echo of hearts throb

Let’s meet on hidden star

Love you miraculously

Love me miraculously

In the waves of importance

around the hidden star

Let’s meet on hidden star