^Cinderella^effect 😞

Think that Cinderella called some magic and brought some marketing blogs to my blog via comments.

The image in the post ”Cinderella”is  googled.


Found it appropriate for the story not for advertising the ring on the image.

My blog is not about any advertising!

But if my story is appropriate for advertising the ring which is awesome, hope that the owner of the design will reach my blog😂.

( so inappropriate 😂)

😒And will love the story.


Thank you on your comments💍





Tremble of growth

FeaturedTremble of  growth


The path is in front and around you.

The existence is spreading all around.

Embrace the life

In the mind of a child confusion, curiosity were flourished.

The fear is woven as a warning and methods in the child’s heart.

The earth was made in the conclusions,heavy ground,beautiful landscape.

Step by step,little human being stepped on the crossroads of opportunities,of possible,of unrealized,of upcoming.

The sky was trembling

Stellar shine was spreading to everywhere.

One question occupied the child’s heart

”How to grow?”