Happy reading time

FeaturedHappy reading time

Enjoy free online read and download books in many genres and languages.

Hope we will meet on rewiev on some books shared on this awesome page.Wish you great time and nice book as  companion.

Hope that you will be inspired to write and read more.



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Translated emotions

FeaturedTranslated emotions

My heart couldn’t understand

Your heartbeats

My soul couldn’t understand

The journey of your soul

My loneliness couldn’t understand

The beauty of your solitude

My sadness couldn’t understand

The purpose of your grief

My tears couldn’t understand

The flow of your thoughts

My smile couldn’t understand

The fullness of your inner self

So,i fell in love

Your heartbeats are translated

Now i understand

Your foolish behavior is translated

You were fell in love

Oh my dear you are in love

Now i can’t understand me

I am in love



Douce dream

FeaturedDouce dream

Would you wish a wish

Would you wish a never ending dream

In the dream

Would you wish undreamed vastness

At the vastness

Would you wish unborn desires

In the unborn desires

Would you desire soft mildness

In the soft mildness

Would you wish subtle whisper of the heart

In the whisper of the heart

Would you wish a never ending dream

In the dream

Covered with silky sky

Fulfilled by stars of hope

In the dream i’m waiting for you

Would you wish a never ending dream

Would you dream

The dream where i’m waiting for you

I miss you so much

Would you wish a never ending dream

Would you dream

I miss you so much


Some design ideas đŸ’–

FeaturedSome design ideas đŸ’–









My quotes on t shirts 😊


In love

FeaturedIn love

Oh no i am not in love

Why you think so

Is it because

My heart pounding madly

When it feels your presence

Is it because

My soul is incomplete without you

Oh no i am not in love

Is it because

My existence is useless without yours existence

Is it because

I wait you on the end of everything

Oh no i am not in love

Is it because

I can’t imagine day without you because it would be the day of my death

Oh no i am not in love

Why you think so

Is it because i am so helpless

Is it because

I love you

Is it because

You love me

Single story

FeaturedSingle story

Old shepherd,housefather,father,husband,son and brother for years cared of his family.The life was beautiful and peaceful until the day when his sons decided to leave the cold mountain.

He stayed alone with his wife and youngest daughter.

Upcoming year were difficult for his wife and daughter to.All the weight of the mountain life,was more painful every day.The sadness of their guardian touched their hearts to.

He wasn’t anymore once upon a time happy,full of life man.

But the beauty of his care on his family and the sheeps stayed same.

The short chats with his wife and his daughter on the morning tea time and breakfast,still were fulfilled with gentleness.

Taking care of the house was on the shoulders of his wife and daughter,which by every day was becoming an mountain beauty.He respected the investment effort of his two beauties in maintaining cleanliness at home.He was receiving in the return immeasurable love.

His herd has never stayed hungry or thirsty.The stable was immaculate clean.He took care not to be cold to his herd,always bringing up new and clean thatch for floorcloth.He never sharpened a knife in front of the lambs to don’t afraid them of their sacrifice.

And the herd loved him.

One day he had to sell his flock.All that was left was one horse tillage,one sheep for milking,some poultry and an old dog which for years looked after his flock from intruders.

But he must to keep caring for his family,so he struggled to stay strong.

His wife couldn’t to lessen his sadness,but neither she nor their daughter did not feel less loved.

”I’ll take a walk to the grassland.”

That wasn’t surprising to his beloved.He went there so often since sold the flock.

Strange was his smile when he returned,and walking next to him the oldest ram of their flock.

”Oh no my love,this old cuckold is not lost,he came back home.”

Shepherd’s happiness was immeasurable,it was covering the mountainous area and beyond.



A pair of sneakers💔💞

FeaturedA pair of sneakers💔💞

”As usual my friend?”

”As usual.”

The bartender served his friend and brother in law,bringing him cup of coffee.

Pale face,blank stare and cold smile were unusual on face on an future father.

The bartender was going to ask what’s wrong,but one scream and child’s crying that were coming from the street drew away his attention.

An customer entered the cafe.

People in the cafe began to discuss about it,some get out and joined the crowd that was gathered around the kid,some stayed and listened the story from the customer who interrupt the not begun conversation of the bartender and his brother in law.

The sugar in the coffee was slowly melting,the coffee was getting colder and colder.

Young man in his middle thirties was staring in the window a front of him,like he was waiting for someone.

The bartender couldn’t turn his sight off him,while he was listening the customer how stupid is that child’s crying in some disgusting tone.

The noise in the coffee shop was muted,the sound were hebetate.

In his mind over and over again he listened her last words.

”I love you forever.”

He took off his sneakers,from the pocket of his jacket pulled out a small baby shoes an left those beside the table.

Barefooted left the cafe.

But didn’t stay lukewarm on some child tears even he will never hear his baby cry.

All was left was the last words of his beloved.

”I love you forever.”



Narcissistic love

FeaturedNarcissistic love

Don’t be silly

I was born to see your smile

My heart is created to meet yours

Your soul was in search for mine


Don’t be silly

The night sky is not beautiful because the stars are shining so bright

Your love makes those to shine brighter


Don’t be silly

The tempest doesn’t lift up the waves

My desire for you and your desire for me are playing in the wind


Don’t be silly

You love me more than i love you

Hah don’t be silly

I love you more than you love me


Don’t be silly

We are meant to be


Don’t be silly

We are in love




A poem for a day

FeaturedA poem for a day

Today i dressed up my poem

Words were shining

Rimes looked stunning

Essentiality was looking for its purpose

Emotions were hiding in the meaning

The punctuation was sewn

at the edges and seams of thoughts

It was an poem for a day

It was borrowed

From my heart

It was a poem

It was beautiful

Today i dressed up my poem





Below are the parts of an text.

Could be an poetry or prose.

This challenge is about to fill the empty spaces.

Challenge your creativity

On the end hope we will have some extraordinary reads.

Happy creative moments💝



In                  of expectasions

its universe.
On the sky

its purpose.
the ege   of           an poeme        its         somewhere.
see of losing                   its flow.
In an poem of
its rime.

an story an writer            his


A pair of sneakers💞

FeaturedA pair of sneakers💞

”Honey you got one pair of sneakers for your birthday,and you don’t even wear those,why you want to buy another!?”

”Mother of all the girls in my class wear fancy shoes,and you bought me those ugly sneakers,i won’t wear those.”

The mother could not afford to buy any other shoes .She herself wore old shoes repaired on several occasions.

But her maternal love relented once again.

On her way to a shoe store,little girl with very little understanding of the situation in which was her single mother, and with a strong wish for shoes same as those that wear her best friend at school,she was delighted.

Passing by a nearby bakery,boy’s crying turned her attention.She joined the crowd that had already gathered around the boy.

The childish curiosity changed her,she grew up at that moment.The sight was too much of an emotional.

The baker comforted the boy and cried to.

”Son,i’m sure if he knew that the sneakers were your present for him,he would took those,please don’t cry.”

She couldn’t even to cry.

The boy’s sadness and the reason that he was crying overwhelmed her.

”This is not a day for new sneakers.”

Whispered and went home



Hello shadow

FeaturedHello shadow

Hello shadow of mine

For a long time you was chasing me

Everytime when i make a wish, i turn around to see you and share my wish with you

My shadow you was hiding behind me

Everytime when i cried, i turn around to see do you cry to

My shadow you was hiding behind me

Everytime when i smiled,i turn around to see do you smile to

My shadow you was hiding behind me

Everytime when i felt so lonely,i turn around to ask you do you feel lonely to

My shadow you was hiding behind me



There is a photo Weekly Photo Challenge

the theme is ^shadow^

”A picture is worth a thousand words”

Hope you will be inspired for thousand photos😞


^Cinderella^effect 😞

Think that Cinderella called some magic and brought some marketing blogs to my blog via comments.

The image in the post ”Cinderella”is  googled.


Found it appropriate for the story not for advertising the ring on the image.

My blog is not about any advertising!

But if my story is appropriate for advertising the ring which is awesome, hope that the owner of the design will reach my blog😂.

( so inappropriate 😂)

😒And will love the story.


Thank you on your comments💍





On the end

FeaturedOn the end

My life is like a river, has its own course.

The waves do not hit the coast

The coast welcomes the drops by its existence

In the time flow i met your river

How beautiful shining sourface filled my view

The waves had some special interaction with the shore

I wondered in my passing what is under and about

Your silence occupied my existence

Meet you on the end i was going to say

Meet you on the end

In the world in which all rivers are pouring

Preserve the beauty and the summary i was going to say

Preserve the beauty and the summary

My silence will meet your silence

You will recognize my flow

I will embrace yours content

Will share stories my drops and yours

Meet you on the end


Inspired by the haiku

”The Un’s”


Thank you


Tremble of growth

FeaturedTremble of  growth


The path is in front and around you.

The existence is spreading all around.

Embrace the life

In the mind of a child confusion, curiosity were flourished.

The fear is woven as a warning and methods in the child’s heart.

The earth was made in the conclusions,heavy ground,beautiful landscape.

Step by step,little human being stepped on the crossroads of opportunities,of possible,of unrealized,of upcoming.

The sky was trembling

Stellar shine was spreading to everywhere.

One question occupied the child’s heart

”How to grow?”





Last night i didn’t fall asleep.

I went to meet ^me^.

I arrived in front of the closed doors.

My heart was heavy pounding,the heartbeat echoed through eternity in long time ago derelict landscape.

My hands were shaking while i was opening the door.

I was stunned by the view.

Cozy room fulfilled by nostalgy and forgotten scent of the time and space.

There was no furniture,only an blurred window with view to somewhere.

^Me^was sitting in the corner of the room,it was playing with soft toys.

”Welcome.”Said ^me^

”I was waiting for you.”

^Me^was smiling.

It was most beautiful smile in whole world.

I couldn’t say a word.I was extremely overwhelmed by unexplainable joy.

”You look beautiful,i imagined you.”

I stood in the middle of the room, couldn’t even to make a step.

”Why you left me here?”

I couldn’t answer.

”One day you made some decisions and left me with these soft toys behind those door.All this time while i was waiting for you,i was hoping that you’ll share the world with me.And here you are.”

I had so much to share.

”Come let’s play.”

It was magical.

We played, laughed, talked for hours.

^Me^ was same,i was changed.


Inspired by  the book

”Developmental psychology”




An poem to my heart

FeaturedAn poem to my heart


Heart of mine

I am crafting your strength

Purifying you with my tears

Decorate you with silky beads

I am painting you on the sky of hope

I am hiding you in safe universum

I am explaining myself to you

Every single flow i string in chain of completeness

There is no pattern of wholeness

So i use you to lead me to the uniqueness

I need you





…..Mehmed went to bring his father out of the hospital.That was his day off.

His father fought with malignant brain tumor.The surgeon has performed many tests and inspections to remove the tumor without damaging the brain tissue.

Month already in hospital,there were no some specific news from the surgeon.

Omer was paralyzed,his eyesight has already started to weaken.But his heart saw and felt the sadness in his son’s voice.

”Every Saturday you are taking me home,probably i won’t live much longer.Tell me the news son, no matter what.”

”You’ll be well father.”

With his mother on one side,full of hope that her husband will pull through,and that her brother is alive.With his father on the other side,doctors already were assessing how much life is left.Mehmed couldn’t share the news with his mother.He was becoming sadder every day.

”Son are you okay?”

”I’m fine father,why are you asking me that?”

”You seem absently,anxiously.”

Mehmed decided to share the story about the letter and the condition in which was his mother.On their way to home he prepared his father for the emotion that will overwhelm him.

”Maybe my uncle is really here father.”

”Maybe my son,maybe.”……


Incomplete ID

FeaturedIncomplete ID



My race is my blood

My nationality is a heartbeat

My status is unbounded

My identity is my soul

My personality is mutating

My activity is concluded

My Character is faded

My faith is your love

Can you identify your role in my life

Can you spell you in my life

Can you recognize the shine that is caused by you

You are not whole wihout me

I am not whole without you


Purified love

FeaturedPurified love

Similarly to an flower just born

It was dancing on the edge of nowhere

Similarly to an tear just realized

It was shining on the edge of unrealized

Similerly to an star just created

It was dreaming on the edge of undreamed

Similerly to an pearl just composed

It was observing on the edge of unpurified

My heart for you 

Fulfilled and vulnerable


A pair of sneakers💙

FeaturedA pair of sneakers💙

”Can you join me in the cafe,where we usually meet?”

His hands were shaking during the call.

”Of course my friend,i wanted to call you to.I am on my way,meet you there.”

With joy in his voice,hung up.

Anxiety, uncertainty, fear pervaded this young man.His friend obviously had some good news to share,unlike him.

Wide smile and cheerfulness in the eyes of his friend were more than welcome,more than happiness.

He gently smiled and joined his friend on coffee chat.Good news were that he got job and that his girlfriend accepted his proposal to marry him.His sadness was hanging in the air,as the reason from which he called his closest friend.

Couldn’t share anything,couldn’t spoil friend’s happy day.

”I am so happy for you,we need celebrate this”.

Hiding his emotions,he was there for his friend.

After a friendly chat, rejoicing for his friend,this young boy went to his empty apartment.Enough for a single person, tidy and comfortable but exuded emptiness.

Friend’s mood could not dispel his burden,the dream that filled his being by confusion,expectations,possibility.

He woke up with the dream different this time.

Usually he dreamed a man’s silhouette,walking beside him,never talked to him,the presence of the man in his dreams,always was puzzled him.

Last night he asked him das he need some pair of sneakers.The man’s voice was deep,sad.

He resisted to share with his friend,those feelings that overwhelmed him.


^to not be continued^



A pair of sneakers💔

FeaturedA pair of sneakers💔

He couldn’t do anything to make his wife to feel better.

The day wasn’t an ordinary day.Wasn’t even Monday.

It was day of sadness.Yes,the sadness had its own day in the life of this couple.

’’Dear i’ll be home by the end of the day.’’


She answered silently,with a old jacket in her hands,stayed to sit and watch through the window,from which could see the path that was leading to home.

She cried,as every year on this day.

As owner of a bakery without any employees,couldn’t afford to late.

 He took his coat and left to the bakery.

Costumers,at least those ones who knew  the life story of this middle aged baker,knew to,that can’t expect  from him smile and indifference on this day.

A barefooted child came in his bakery,bought an bread and gave him a pair if sneakers.

”Why are you giving me these sneakers?”

The child answered

”Someone left these in front of your bakery sir,give them to someone who has anything.”

As in every other child in this one to,he saw his missing son.

Years of hope and tears for his missing son,changed this once upon a time happy and graceful man.

All that left was a crevice structure.

The owner of the sneakers came later in tears,crying out loud.

The barefooted child didn’t accept his sneakers as gift.

The baker started to cry to and told him that the child gave those to him,and what the child told him.

The day was on his end.

The baker had no strength to go straight home.He took the route to the lake where his good old friend was fishing .

After friendly chat,left home.He was carrying an pair of sneakers in his hands.


Get in some ^except^

FeaturedGet in some ^except^


People often confuse the words empathy and sympathy. Empathy means ‘the ability to understand and share the feelings of another’ (as in both authors have the skill to make you feel empathy with their heroines), whereas sympathy means ‘feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune’ (as in they had great sympathy for the flood victims)



Hope you’ll find some empathy purpose in these two posts.

To be continued on my blog.

A pair of sneakers

A pair of sneakers💞

I share these two posts in response to




”Warm,calm morning was the time when you was born.

Mild wind was playing on the lake.Surrounded by peaceful wilderness it was most peaceful place for the upcoming magic.Group of your ancestors were boasted their wings in theirs flights above the lake.Days before you were born, a storm blew the nest and took your brothers and sisters.

The water carried you  to the shore.

I was so sad, but i was waiting for you, that was giving me strength.My heart was heavy pounding.My expectance to see your beauty was taking away the sadness.The bark was already cracked.You stretched your yellow gold wing to the world.Other swans gathered around you.

It is gold,it is gold,yelled with joy.

You was born yellow as beautiful duck.

The oldest ancestor once upon a time ^ugly duck^,called you Goldy.

You looked at me,and recognized me as your mother,i’ll never forget that look.

I love you Goldy.”

”I love you to mother,i love you to.”



Unspoken spring

FeaturedUnspoken spring

My love for you is buried in a dead ground in the land of ^I love you to^.

My desire for you is expanded into the wind in the land of ^I feel you to^.

My dreams for you are shining on the sky in the land of ^I dream you to^.

My silence for you is attached to the river in the land of ^I miss you to^.

My hopes for you  have flourished in the garden in the land of ^I wait you to^.


A pair of sneakers💞

FeaturedA pair of sneakers💞


”No sister i won’t apologise.”

”You will and you’ll be grateful for this opportunity to have one more friend.”

”But he is not my friend.”

”He will be,now go and apologize.”

”Okay i’ll go now,but whan i get back i want you to tell me one story from that book that you’re reading.”

Smiled and went to meet his new friend.

Old man was sitting on the dock and was fishing.

”I’m sorry sir yesterday you wanted to teach me to fish,i told you that i don’t have time.”

The old man smiled and gave him bait and hook.

After talking,fishing,a lot of smiling and a couple of stories,the old man now wasn’t anymore just an old man he was a friend.

Overwhelmed by joy he went to his sister.

On his way in front of a nearby bakery he saw  a pair of sneakers.

Took them and gave them to the owner of the bakery.

”Someone left these,give them to someone who has nothing.”

When get home he hugged his sister and said

”I’m so rich.”

to not be continued


Unconditional beauty

FeaturedUnconditional beauty


Your heart has been touched by my appearance and  you even cannot judge that feeling.

Your mind has been taken to state of calmness and you even cannot change it.

Your love has been updated by my beauty and you even cannot to describe it.

Your view has been fulfilled and you even cannot say that is not complete.

You embraced my graceful simplicity and your  feelings makes me unique at this  moment of my and your existence.


Proces of inner being change

FeaturedProces of inner being change


is coused by?!

The life as a whole is woven from different threads.
It is in an constant change. As a center of life i see the heart,which is in constant change to.
The impact on the heart can cause changes in our inner being.
Can cause change on our view on life.
The human is sociological being and in
some moments it cannot avoid the influence of the ^environment^.

Sam Richards
’’ Sociology is the study of how human beings shape the things that they do not see.”

Here is an link to about Emotional Guidance Scale


Hope that you’ll find this post informative and helpful.

Love to you.

Every life has value.

The post will be updated as my heart,as my life to.


Updated post by

These great talks on TED.com


The impact of creativity



Beautiful post on

StayHealthyBug blog

Make Space for Positive Thinking


My worst fear


Even the word scare me.

One of the reasons that i start my blog,was the value of life.

This cancerous cells ^suicide^ in the existence of mankind is all around us.

I’ll share some love,thoughts. Love to you💝Here are some talks on TED.com



A pair of sneakers

FeaturedA pair of sneakers

”Do not be late.”

Said to him his mother when she send him to grocery store to buy some bread and milk.

”I won’t mother.”

The boy answered and ran smiling,overwhelmed by joy.

The next day he was sitting on the street and cried on loud.He was choking in his sadness and tears.

The crowd gathered around him.

The owner of a nearby bakery,tried to calm him.And asked him why is he crying.

The boy bearly answered.

”Yesterday i brought pair of sneakers for an homeless child in front of your bakery.But i saw him today barefooted.”

The baker wept and said,

”He left them to me to give them to someone who doesn’t have anything.”

^to not be continued^



African pop culture (the African child)

FeaturedAfrican pop culture (the African child)

Open your heart for these beautiful smiles.
Let your soul to embrace this spirit.
You have nothing to tell,if your heart can’t hear what that child has to share.


The Mahdheebah Blog (TMB)

This is a recital because it tells you what we are, it is a recital because it expanciates but concentrates on its core and values. The African pride, the African heritage, the African culture, the African wildlife and the African child.

I have so much to say about the average African child but so little to preach about the African government, the African child outplays every other because through every difficulty HE Stands tall and search a way to fix a smile on his face, unaffected by the underdevelopment and discomfort faced by Africa, they rise every sunset and work their way through till sundown with nothing but hope for the coming day. I admire the will of the African child, desperately looking for a means to survive, I can’t help but admire the will of the African child, Breaking barriers, overstepping obstacles, confronting dangers, withstanding pain, conquering hardship, facing…

View original post 280 more words

Write-up Wednesday: Open Submissions

FeaturedWrite-up Wednesday: Open Submissions

Share your inspirational work💝

Writings By Ender

I’ve decided to revitalize my effort to get submissions onto the site as guest posts. I want the site to become a bit less about my own writing get an even wider view of writing as a whole. This will take content of various sorts from voices different than my own.

So what am I looking for in submissions? I’m looking for articles on creativity, inspiration and writing, I’m looking for book reviews or analysis of literature in any form. I’m also looking for poetry and short fiction. All of the above would take the place of one of my weekly blog posts, i.e. an article on inspiration will take the place of my Monday inspiration posts. Accepted fiction and poetry are moved to the weekend when I would post my own material.


  • Articles on Creativity, Inspiration, Writing and Book Reviews/Analysis:
    • I know it’s absurd but my projected word…

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The prince was invited to the ball dedicated to the anniversary of the universe’s  creation.

Cinderella was waiting for the prince to bring her a ring and ask her to marry him.

He promised to arrive on time.

But the prince  couldn’t find the Alchemist which supossed to affiliate an diamond into the ring that will shine brighter than the stars on the sky.

In the magic forest,beyond reality an young boy dreamed of his princess.Too tired to continue his journey,he let the time to take its course.

”Wake up,wake up!”

The prince woke up the young boy, in the hope that he is the Alchemist,who should shape the diamond for Cinderella’s ring.

In ragged clothes,resembled more to a beggar,than whilom prince,he was last hope for the prince,to accomplish his promise.

”Are you the Alchemist?”

With hope in his voice,the prince asked.

”No,i’m not the Alchemist,he told me,that he will be at an cursed castle, and that will wake me up the carrier of the keys,i need to unlock the door,then he will tell me where is my princess.Are you the guardian of the keys?”

”No,i am not the guardian of the keys, sadly answered the prince.”

And headed to the castle.

Cinderella’s tear fell on the shining floor.

The prince arrived late and the door of the castle were closed for thousand nights.

Prince was cursed,until he get diamond that will shine brighter than the stars,the door will stay closed.

The time was stalled and the prince didn’t grow old.

The prince traveled a thousand days and a thousand nights.

One night humble and sad he got to the front of the castle,left the ring at the doorstep and fell asleep.

His tear fell on the ground.

In his sleep one star fall and get on the place of the diamond.

The ball lasted for a thousand and one night.

The prince’s and Cinderella happiness lasted forever.




Unsent postcard

FeaturedUnsent postcard


Project Unsent postcards

Dear readers of my blog💝

Probably at some point of your life you wished to send a postcard, but you didn’t.

I will be honored to read them and publish in my project.

Hope on the and we will have an collection of stars dedicated to WordPress.com as an gesture of gratitude for offering us this platform.

You can post it on your blog and leave a link in a comment.

If you like you can leave it as an comment💝

The project will be published when we get 100 postcards📒



Love to you




”…..He can calm you with his wisdom.Yes,he is an wise man,son.”

An tear  tumbled down the shining Karima’s face.

A tear in his honor,that’s how called that tear,this vulnerable sister full with love for her brother.

Mehmed was just sitting on the couch and watched the scene every Saturday in the mother’s kitchen , while she was cooking the Salam’s favorite  dish.

”Mother i love you so much.”

Mehmed barely said these words and left in tears…..images-56


to be continued


Flower shop is closed

FeaturedFlower shop is closed


Picture ^Children’s grave^

The flower shop was closed long time ago.Even before the soldier was born.Had nothing to bring on his final destination to get to know his heart.

He walked alone.

Heavy footsteps echoed through eternity.

All of soldier’s power collapsed to his knees on his own grave.

Soldier’s tear fell on the ground.

Long time ahead the soldier’s grave yard has become field of flowers.

The soldier left the battlefield and came armed in this exquisite war.

And won by one single exquisite tear.





My thoughts that come to me,when i get inspired.Maybe will inspire me for more,hope you to.

”Every story once was just an word.”

”Do not say that you love me if you don’t mean it.Becouse when you are saying it but not mean it,it is same as you are leaving me ,even if you are still here.”

”^Someday^ will happen and we won’t be there.”

”Your smile is an atom in the life formula.”

”All of us are conected with an unbreakable bond,all living on earth and in all the universes.The stars,the dust up there,on the visible and beyond.And that every human being is separated universe.”

”Human is unique as his dream.”

”Until we wear pure heart,our view will be wise as our heart to.”

My love

My love

In my dreams you entered an harmony

A perfect calmness

My heart is so peaceful in your presence

In my dreams my love

I miss you so much

The wholeness of my soul is incomplete without you in my dreams my love

I feel safe when you are in my dreams my love

I’ll forgive you your kindness

But i wont forgive you your absence

in my dreams my love

Maybe that is selfish of me

So what

I’ll be selfish every time when i dream

needing you in my dreams

As  part of my soul

Never let me to dream alone my love

My soul needs you

My heart needs you

The cruelty of the world is defeated by your presence in my dreams my love

In my dreams i am complete

without you i am incomplete my love

I love you

Be mine

Be mine

”With drops of gentleness i’ll color the curtains on your heart.”

”To protect it from pain?!”

”No,my dear.To separate it from cruelty.”

”With meekness i’ll weave stars on the curtains on your heart.”

”To make it shine?!”

”No,my dear.To make, the darkness to get ashamed.”

”Are you leaving me?!”

”Yes my dear.I spin strings from my tears to weave curtains on your heart.”

”Where are you going ?!”

”I am going to be in your heart.”

”Do you love me?!”

”No my dear .I just spin strings from my vulnerability to weave curtains on your heart.”

”I love you,you are already in my heart.”

”Okay, now i will pull the curtains.

Will you marry me?!”



Love you miraculously

Love you miraculously

On the sky

in the deepest loneliness

Let’s meet on hidden star

I’ll bring your heart

It is still in my ownership

You bring my own

It is still lives from your love

The shine of it is spreaded thru entire universe

Let’s meet on hidden star

I need your love

As you need mine

To feel alive

Let’s meet on hidden star

To show its beauty

To show its shyness

To feel and embrace

the echo of hearts throb

Let’s meet on hidden star

Love you miraculously

Love me miraculously

In the waves of importance

around the hidden star

Let’s meet on hidden star