Some poems of mine

About life,love,growth,view,expectation,heart,soul.And about all thoese parts of your world of existence,of your world of imagination,of your world of hope and about all that you relate to.

Your thoughts are most welcome

Love to life 💞

I am coming

Tremble of growth

Heart unsaved

Hello friend

Do not miss you


The power of love

Translated emotions

The shine of love

Simple love

Narcissistic love

Hello shadow

Calm morning

An atom matters

Don’t shut the sender

Jealous snow

Undo goodbye

An star for you

Someday’s being

Unspoken spring

An poem to my heart

Purified love


Desert wind

Unconditional beauty

In love

Love you miraculously

Be mine

Douce dream

Incomplete ID

Looking for fortune

Interconnection about

On the end


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