Undo goodbye

Undo goodbye

No,don’t say goodbye.

That is such painful word.

And is not just an word.

Goodbye is an eclipse over the sky of hope.

Goodbye is an hurricane, it will take away all the smiles.

Goodbye is an storm,it will take away the calmness from the heart.

Goodbye is an heartless warrior,has not companions.

Goodbye is an wind,it will bring sadness over the field of flourished love.

It will bring tears.

So please don’t say goodbye.

Undo it! tears-of-the-heart



An atom matters

An atom matters

10984997_10153412465765617_960085417211827586_nEvery breath,every wish,every thought,every heartbeat,every tear,every smile leads to an change.

So,if butterfly effect works?!

Take a breath to feel the universe.

Make a wish like it is yours.

Think that you can make a change.

Save a life.




If the movement of butterfly’s wings brings wind,the movement of your inner being will bring hurricane.

World Peace I


Do not miss you

Do not miss you

0df972e414b4759ee7d1c7d6e6c912e8The cloddish sound of the buffet door,brings you in my thoughts.

Do not miss you

Coffee aerosol brings your silhouette.

Do not miss you

You dance,you smiles,you walk around.

Do not miss you

There is a our table,narrates some story,but not ours now.

Vice one i order two coffees.

One for you and one for me.

Do not miss you

Oh no,i don’t miss you.

I love you


Hello friend

Hello friend

155030_10151393342115617_259760612_nLet’s take a walk.

I’ll talk to you.

Let me show you how important you are to me.

Let me explain my tears and my fight for you.

You know that you hurts sometimes.

I am in constant searhing for the beautiful that will make you shine,stable,pure and optimistic.

You are not alone you know?!

Oh no,i don’t blame you,just talking to you.

I need you in every breath,in every smile,in every tought,in every single moment.

I need you to be present,dont walk away from me.

Do not leave me alone.


Maybe you will find companion to share emotions and have something in commone.

But you are mine and i need you.

You see?!

I’ll do anything to get you unheart.

You are so precious to me.

Please my freand let’s take a walk.5b5d70b5496510b300d7913b628da6c8

Picture http://www.kaifineart.com/2013/05/shawna-erback.html?m=1