An atom matters

An atom matters

10984997_10153412465765617_960085417211827586_nEvery breath,every wish,every thought,every heartbeat,every tear,every smile leads to an change.

So,if butterfly effect works?!

Take a breath to feel the universe.

Make a wish like it is yours.

Think that you can make a change.

Save a life.




If the movement of butterfly’s wings brings wind,the movement of your inner being will bring hurricane.

World Peace I





”He supposed to be my school chum.

We collected pens in color to be  cool.”

”She supposed to be my wife,we bought surprising gifts to each other.”

”He supposed to be my proffesor,but was my father.”

”You supposed to be my friend,we just met.”

”I was going to fall in love with you,that was supposed to happen.”

I wish i met you,but you are gone.

To you armed warriors!

Each  life counts.

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World Peace I

World Peace I

I am tempted to tell her

I am tempted to tell her I love her,
Though she belongs to another
And I to another;
But I am tempted to pour
Out the emotions
Gushing up in my heart for her;
Should I or should I not?
That is the question that is hitting
The door of my heart
So hard
I fear it may break;
I am tempted to tell her
I shiver with love
When I think of her;
Just looking at her
Is like the sweetest thing
I have ever tasted;
I am tempted to tell her in my sleep
I dream of her;
And I hold her tight to me;
And never get tired of pressing her
On my burning chest;
I am tempted to ask her to send me
A kiss
Beautifully wrapped in words to cool
This fire of love burning so violently
In me for her;
Should I fall into this temptation?
Advise me;
I am so mad about her
I can’t think properly to advise myself.



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Step to the WORLD PEACE I

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Nursery Rhyme

Round and round the Garden
I’m sure years didn’t harden
your heart

and you were strong enough
to go
through the wind and the rain.

But I know words
will never relieve
your pain.

One step
two step
unsmiling little tin soldier,

open your small rusty hand
and sing, sing, sing
this is the best way to regain

the will to breathe
the will to live
the will to love!


Stay Humane

“Feed a hungry mouth. Clothe a miserable body. Educate a poor being. Reach out to a depressed soul. Rescue an animal. Help as much as you can. Touch as many hearts as you go. Selflessly. With…

Izvor: Stay Humane