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Old shepherd,housefather,father,husband,son and brother for years cared of his family.The life was beautiful and peaceful until the day when his sons decided to leave the cold mountain.

He stayed alone with his wife and youngest daughter.

Upcoming year were difficult for his wife and daughter to.All the weight of the mountain life,was more painful every day.The sadness of their guardian touched their hearts to.

He wasn’t anymore once upon a time happy,full of life man.

But the beauty of his care on his family and the sheeps stayed same.

The short chats with his wife and his daughter on the morning tea time and breakfast,still were fulfilled with gentleness.

Taking care of the house was on the shoulders of his wife and daughter,which by every day was becoming an mountain beauty.He respected the investment effort of his two beauties in maintaining cleanliness at home.He was receiving in the return immeasurable love.

His herd has never stayed hungry or thirsty.The stable was immaculate clean.He took care not to be cold to his herd,always bringing up new and clean thatch for floorcloth.He never sharpened a knife in front of the lambs to don’t afraid them of their sacrifice.

And the herd loved him.

One day he had to sell his flock.All that was left was one horse tillage,one sheep for milking,some poultry and an old dog which for years looked after his flock from intruders.

But he must to keep caring for his family,so he struggled to stay strong.

His wife couldn’t to lessen his sadness,but neither she nor their daughter did not feel less loved.

”I’ll take a walk to the grassland.”

That wasn’t surprising to his beloved.He went there so often since sold the flock.

Strange was his smile when he returned,and walking next to him the oldest ram of their flock.

”Oh no my love,this old cuckold is not lost,he came back home.”

Shepherd’s happiness was immeasurable,it was covering the mountainous area and beyond.




A pair of sneakers💔💞

FeaturedA pair of sneakers💔💞

”As usual my friend?”

”As usual.”

The bartender served his friend and brother in law,bringing him cup of coffee.

Pale face,blank stare and cold smile were unusual on face on an future father.

The bartender was going to ask what’s wrong,but one scream and child’s crying that were coming from the street drew away his attention.

An customer entered the cafe.

People in the cafe began to discuss about it,some get out and joined the crowd that was gathered around the kid,some stayed and listened the story from the customer who interrupt the not begun conversation of the bartender and his brother in law.

The sugar in the coffee was slowly melting,the coffee was getting colder and colder.

Young man in his middle thirties was staring in the window a front of him,like he was waiting for someone.

The bartender couldn’t turn his sight off him,while he was listening the customer how stupid is that child’s crying in some disgusting tone.

The noise in the coffee shop was muted,the sound were hebetate.

In his mind over and over again he listened her last words.

”I love you forever.”

He took off his sneakers,from the pocket of his jacket pulled out a small baby shoes an left those beside the table.

Barefooted left the cafe.

But didn’t stay lukewarm on some child tears even he will never hear his baby cry.

All was left was the last words of his beloved.

”I love you forever.”



A pair of sneakers💞

FeaturedA pair of sneakers💞

”Honey you got one pair of sneakers for your birthday,and you don’t even wear those,why you want to buy another!?”

”Mother of all the girls in my class wear fancy shoes,and you bought me those ugly sneakers,i won’t wear those.”

The mother could not afford to buy any other shoes .She herself wore old shoes repaired on several occasions.

But her maternal love relented once again.

On her way to a shoe store,little girl with very little understanding of the situation in which was her single mother, and with a strong wish for shoes same as those that wear her best friend at school,she was delighted.

Passing by a nearby bakery,boy’s crying turned her attention.She joined the crowd that had already gathered around the boy.

The childish curiosity changed her,she grew up at that moment.The sight was too much of an emotional.

The baker comforted the boy and cried to.

”Son,i’m sure if he knew that the sneakers were your present for him,he would took those,please don’t cry.”

She couldn’t even to cry.

The boy’s sadness and the reason that he was crying overwhelmed her.

”This is not a day for new sneakers.”

Whispered and went home






…..Mehmed went to bring his father out of the hospital.That was his day off.

His father fought with malignant brain tumor.The surgeon has performed many tests and inspections to remove the tumor without damaging the brain tissue.

Month already in hospital,there were no some specific news from the surgeon.

Omer was paralyzed,his eyesight has already started to weaken.But his heart saw and felt the sadness in his son’s voice.

”Every Saturday you are taking me home,probably i won’t live much longer.Tell me the news son, no matter what.”

”You’ll be well father.”

With his mother on one side,full of hope that her husband will pull through,and that her brother is alive.With his father on the other side,doctors already were assessing how much life is left.Mehmed couldn’t share the news with his mother.He was becoming sadder every day.

”Son are you okay?”

”I’m fine father,why are you asking me that?”

”You seem absently,anxiously.”

Mehmed decided to share the story about the letter and the condition in which was his mother.On their way to home he prepared his father for the emotion that will overwhelm him.

”Maybe my uncle is really here father.”

”Maybe my son,maybe.”……


A pair of sneakers💙

FeaturedA pair of sneakers💙

”Can you join me in the cafe,where we usually meet?”

His hands were shaking during the call.

”Of course my friend,i wanted to call you to.I am on my way,meet you there.”

With joy in his voice,hung up.

Anxiety, uncertainty, fear pervaded this young man.His friend obviously had some good news to share,unlike him.

Wide smile and cheerfulness in the eyes of his friend were more than welcome,more than happiness.

He gently smiled and joined his friend on coffee chat.Good news were that he got job and that his girlfriend accepted his proposal to marry him.His sadness was hanging in the air,as the reason from which he called his closest friend.

Couldn’t share anything,couldn’t spoil friend’s happy day.

”I am so happy for you,we need celebrate this”.

Hiding his emotions,he was there for his friend.

After a friendly chat, rejoicing for his friend,this young boy went to his empty apartment.Enough for a single person, tidy and comfortable but exuded emptiness.

Friend’s mood could not dispel his burden,the dream that filled his being by confusion,expectations,possibility.

He woke up with the dream different this time.

Usually he dreamed a man’s silhouette,walking beside him,never talked to him,the presence of the man in his dreams,always was puzzled him.

Last night he asked him das he need some pair of sneakers.The man’s voice was deep,sad.

He resisted to share with his friend,those feelings that overwhelmed him.


^to not be continued^



A pair of sneakers💔

FeaturedA pair of sneakers💔

He couldn’t do anything to make his wife to feel better.

The day wasn’t an ordinary day.Wasn’t even Monday.

It was day of sadness.Yes,the sadness had its own day in the life of this couple.

’’Dear i’ll be home by the end of the day.’’


She answered silently,with a old jacket in her hands,stayed to sit and watch through the window,from which could see the path that was leading to home.

She cried,as every year on this day.

As owner of a bakery without any employees,couldn’t afford to late.

 He took his coat and left to the bakery.

Costumers,at least those ones who knew  the life story of this middle aged baker,knew to,that can’t expect  from him smile and indifference on this day.

A barefooted child came in his bakery,bought an bread and gave him a pair if sneakers.

”Why are you giving me these sneakers?”

The child answered

”Someone left these in front of your bakery sir,give them to someone who has anything.”

As in every other child in this one to,he saw his missing son.

Years of hope and tears for his missing son,changed this once upon a time happy and graceful man.

All that left was a crevice structure.

The owner of the sneakers came later in tears,crying out loud.

The barefooted child didn’t accept his sneakers as gift.

The baker started to cry to and told him that the child gave those to him,and what the child told him.

The day was on his end.

The baker had no strength to go straight home.He took the route to the lake where his good old friend was fishing .

After friendly chat,left home.He was carrying an pair of sneakers in his hands.




”Warm,calm morning was the time when you was born.

Mild wind was playing on the lake.Surrounded by peaceful wilderness it was most peaceful place for the upcoming magic.Group of your ancestors were boasted their wings in theirs flights above the lake.Days before you were born, a storm blew the nest and took your brothers and sisters.

The water carried you  to the shore.

I was so sad, but i was waiting for you, that was giving me strength.My heart was heavy pounding.My expectance to see your beauty was taking away the sadness.The bark was already cracked.You stretched your yellow gold wing to the world.Other swans gathered around you.

It is gold,it is gold,yelled with joy.

You was born yellow as beautiful duck.

The oldest ancestor once upon a time ^ugly duck^,called you Goldy.

You looked at me,and recognized me as your mother,i’ll never forget that look.

I love you Goldy.”

”I love you to mother,i love you to.”